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Wise Words Wednesday: Positively Positive

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As educators, we need to fill ourselves up with positive thoughts, so we can pass that on and pay that forward to our students. It is essential.

When students are discouraged and disheartened, they do not learn at their full potential. One of the sometimes daunting but always awe-inspiring aspects of being an educator, is that what you do every day matters. In the life of a child. And that’s a crazy, hard, challenging, but yet oh-so-rewarding responsibility, right?? Because every time you fill a child’s bucket, so to speak, with a positive thought, or an affirmation, that he or she can figure that challenge out, will make sense of that problem, and can and will make it to the finish line, you are propelling them forward. Yep. What you do. What you say…

You Empower.

You. Change. The. Trajectory. Of. A. Child’s. Life.  One word for that: Wow.

So to all you amazing educators out there, please take a moment, and remember…

that quite simply & in so many amazing, wonderful, complicated ways…

you matter.

Thank you for that.

xo, Lisa

Author: lisa

I'm a college English instructor, passionate about education. Join me here and let's connect over cyber-coffee about things that matter.

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