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My 35 Biggest Tips for Those Entering or Still in College | Booming Twenties

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5 Steps to a Growth Mindset in the Classroom

“Never question ability, always improve strategy.”

Here’s a visual guide to fostering a growth mindset in the classroom. I linked a video to Angela Duckworth’s excellent TedTalk on the subject at the bottom of this post.

Growth Mindset in the Classroom (C) M J Bromley 2014

Click here for Angela Duckworth’s tedTalk on why we need to encourage growth mindset with our students.

I hope you found this infographic helpful. If you need more information on how to foster grit and a a growth mindset in your classroom, feel free to reach out in the comments.


Lisa, aka The Happy Teacher

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Monday Motivation:

Get up, get going, and look fear in the face.


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Authenticity and Art

Consider this:


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Thoreauvian Thursday: Friendships of True Knowledge

Thoreau said it best:

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11 Bits of Writing Advice for My Younger Self

This is some good advice my writer friends.

A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself

Well, not much younger… Maybe three years ago; the about to graduate “me.”

I would have told him these things: (These aren’t really in any order of importance, just what comes to mind. )

1. Take a marketing class. You’re an idiot. You don’t know how to sell anything. It doesn’t matter how good you are at writing if you don’t know how to describe your work in terms that a possible publisher/distributor can understand and relate to. Arm yourself with information. You are about to walk into the world completely blind. You are a level one spell-caster with no armor. Start memorizing your spells now.

2. Write everyday. If you want to improve in writing, then you have to accept the fact that there will come a point in the future where you will look back at the things you’re doing today and recoil in horror at…

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My Walden Pond…my writer’s view

This is where I did a mini writing retreat last week. I call this lake “My Walden,” because I feel inspired here. My soul drinks in the quiet, the peace, the beauty, like medicine for all the ills of life. Troubles float away and I can find the place within to be still, to listen, to observe and to write.

 I hope you find your Walden, too. If not today, then soon. A room of one’s own, no matter where. 

Happy Monday my loves~Lisa 💗

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Let Freedom Ring

Happy Birthday America–land of the free & home of the brave!