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Let the light in.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen

Let in the light.

The 20 Habits of Highly Authentic People

As part of my June challenge, I’m spending the month reflecting inward. This article from MindBodyGreen was a powerful reminder of how we can all (self included!) live a more authentically happy life. Build each other up. Spend time with yourself. Notice the beauty all around. Smile at a stranger.

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April is National Poetry Month. What Makes Your Soul Sing?

Hope makes my soul thing.

April is National Poetry Month. In honor of one of my favorite poets, here’s one of my favorite poems. 

April is National Poetry Month. Here's a little bit of hope in the form of Emily Dickinson. Hope is a thing with feathers. Always.

Emily was a very wise woman. Hope is always the thing. In education and in life!

What’s one of your favorite poems or poets? Let us know in the comments. It would be amazing to start a list of Word Artists here! 


Happy Teachers: Changing the World in Three Easy Steps

Education (+) Confidence (+) Hope equals Peace. That’s our mission as educators, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. With love, to all of you, for all you do to add a little more peace to the planet…thank you. xoxo~L.


Credit: This image is available via GottaTeachEmAll on etsy