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10 to Zen: Recipe for a Peaceful Life

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Zen: To be at Peace.

10 to Zen. What can you Let Go Of to find your Zen? Here are 10 suggestions from Buddha Heart. For best results, please repeat #10 multiple times a day. Add a dose of sunshine and smiles and you just might mix up the recipe for a Peaceful Life. 


I’m not a practitioner of Zen, but this list resonated with me, and I found myself reflecting on its lessons:

#10 is easy for me. I have kids and they keep me laughing. #6…well, that is a work in progress. I tend to think I come from a long line of worriers, and that I’m moving in the right direction on that one. The worry monster still creeps in from time to time.

Let’s be honest, #1 is challenging in a world of social media and facebook posts. We know who traveled to what tropical paradise as it happens, and it usually happens when we are at home with a pile of dirty laundry. It’s the new normal. Shrug that off. Let go of comparing.

My personal recipe: I aim to live by all of these, and I assure you I don’t always succeed. I probably fail multiple times a day, in fact. But I am really guided by #2 & #3. Those lessons have led me to my own little slice of Zen, on those days when I do find it. In my life, each day is a fresh start for being at peace. Sometimes, what I need to be happy with is a peaceful afternoon, a peaceful hour, or a peaceful moment. Just one little moment in those 24 hours when I exhale, look around, and say:

“Life is Beautiful.”

That’s my Zen. Being aware of the good stuff. A smile from my daughter. A hug from my son. The sunshine on my patio. Simplicity. Harmony. Nature. Letting Go.

How about you, do any of these resonate with you, challenge you, or help you stay sane? Let me know, I’d love to hear your personal recipe for living a peaceful life. 

xo, Lisa

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