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A new year, a new artistic you

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This list “How to Feel Miserable As an Artist” from Street of Dreams was shareworthy, so I’m reblogging. I think we can all relate! #1 on the list is particularly true-regardless of your art form. (For me, it’s writing & photography.) Comparison will rob us of our creativity every time! As will trying to make others happy with our art. It can be hard to avoid that type of pressure, especially since we are aware of the audience as we are creating. But don’t let it stop you. Whatever type of art you create, resolve to JUST DO IT in 2014! Visit and read the full post-it’s chock full o’ fun! xo~Lisa

Street of Dreams

I’ve never been particularly fond of New Years. Maybe it’s because I have always sucked at keeping my resolutions. Maybe it’s because I find the song “Auld Lang Syne” incredibly depressing.   Or perhaps it is because I feel like its a manufactured holiday that most people my age use as an excuse to get smashed.

Whatever the reason, I usually find myself plopped on the couch watching the “Twilight Zone” Marathon that runs on SyFy with a bottle of non-alcoholic strawberry sparkling water

But then I ran across this.
New Years IdeaWhat a wonderful idea! Instead of making a crapton of goals as an artist based on making money, procuring fame or producing a product, perhaps, we can instead find a way to help produce the inner peace in our art.

It’s so easy as an artist to fall into these traps. I especially fail with number 10…

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