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How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child

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Common Core Lacks Common Sense…”boughten?”” Really? This educator “Mrsmomblog” really nails it with her critique of the way some children may become disengaged and burned out by the Common Core. I thoroughly agree that what teachers need to be doing is instilling a love of school in children. Take some time to read this and see what you think.


A Letter to Commissioner King and the New York State Education Department:

I have played your game for the past two years.  As an educator, I have created my teaching portfolio with enough evidence so I can prove that I am doing my job over the course of the school year. I am testing my students on material that they haven’t yet learned in September, and then re-testing them midway through the year, and then again at the end of the year to track and show their growth. Between those tests, I am giving formative assessments. I am taking pictures of myself at community events within my district to prove that I support my school district and the community. I am teaching using the state-generated modules that you have created and assumed would work on all students, despite learning style, learning ability, or native language.   I am effectively proving…

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One thought on “How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child

  1. Thank you very much for reblogging! I appreciate the support–I’ll be sure to follow your blog as well. I think we could have some great conversation!


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