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Public Education: It makes society collectively smarter


“Let me explain why I LIKE to pay taxes for schools…” by John Green


Author: lisa

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3 thoughts on “Public Education: It makes society collectively smarter

  1. In response to John Green’s comments:

    I don’t agree with “a bunch of stupid people.” It should be replaced … if there has to be a phrase … with “ignorant people as it relates to understanding the inner workings of the societal system.” Using the word, “stupid” is a childish description. People may be ignorant, but they are not stupid.

    Travel the “backwoods” of this country, and visit the rural areas of other countries. There is a lot to be learned and gained … life skills and values … from individuals in these areas who are not educated.

    Mr. Green’s comment is hauntingly familiar to the “White” man calling the Native American (Indian) a savage.


  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting Tom. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I get what you’re saying here. Stupid is definitely a strong word. I wonder if he (Green) wasn’t intentionally provocative or argumentative to illicit some response and get the conversation started. Have a great day and I’m looking forward to checking out more of your blog posts.


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