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Think Before You Share–7 Rules for Posting Photos Online


“Is it Going to Cause Drama?”

Digital natives have grown up in front of the cameras. Posting, tweeting, selfies–it is all about the image. In an Instagram world, those images are shared at lightening speed and often without permission. This infographic by CommonSense Media, which appeared on Edudemic, is a great visual to help students consider responsible use of photos on social media. I like that it asks students to think about whether or not the photo would “pass the Grandma test.”

So, I Took A Photo Of My Friend, Now What?

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3 thoughts on “Think Before You Share–7 Rules for Posting Photos Online

  1. I totally agree. Younger people tend to be over-sharing in ways that could cause damage. I don’t usually post/tweet pictures of myself, but on the occasions I do, I make sure the pics are 100% rated G.


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